It’s Not What You Make.
It’s What You Keep.

Careful selection of strategic business partners enables us to offer innovative strategies to our clients. Business owners can improve cash flow, reduce taxes, and increase enterprise value. Advanced tax planning strategies result in a fifty per cent reduction in taxes nearly one hundred percent of the time.

Innovative Financial Programs for Individuals and Businesses


At Harper Financial Associates, LLC, we focus on the client’s individual needs and concerns. An extensive discovery process enables us to offer customized solutions to our clients’ financial challenges.

Financial Services You Can Trust

Programs for Businesses

Specialized Tax Incentives

There are numerous tax incentives for businesses that are under utilized to control tax liability.  Our proprietary system searches Federal, State, and local databases to identify areas where tax credits are available. 

Business Expense Remediation

We will arrange for audits of everything from waste and recycling charges to commercial property tax to identify overcharges. We charge no upfront fee for this service and share in any savings on a go forward basis.

Programs for Individuals

Advanced Tax Planning

Partnering with Redwood Tax SpecialistsRead more about us in FORTUNE magazine.
When your tax team includes only a CPA or a single financial planner, you miss out on many potential deductions. No matter how remarkable one tax prep professional is, he or she can’t compare to a full team of expert strategists. Each person on the Redwood team brings a unique perspective from a different part of the financial or legal industries. Those strengths are combined to find every possible deduction for our clients.

About Harper Financial Associates

The founding partners of Harper Financial Associates, LLC have over 37 years of combined experience in the financial services industry. A client first approach is our number one priority when seeking solutions for our clients.


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